Where to Find Coconut Sugar Online?

Where to find coconut sugar? :: Since coconut sugar is made from nectar that is tapped from the flower buds of coconut tree, it will be abundantly found in tropical countries like Indonesia and Philippines. In these countries, they have many coconut trees that grow for whole years.
In Indonesia for example (especially in Java island where I lived ^-^), the people has used coconut sugar to sweeten many traditional foods and snack. Coconut sugar has been used by the ancestors since years ago. Culinary with coconut sugar becomes one culture heritages that will always be favorite dishes until now. In some regions in Java, people prefer to use coconut instead of cane sugar to sweeten their coffee.
Indonesian people will easily find coconut sugar (especially in blocked and crystal form) almost in every market. Both supermarkets and traditional markets sell coconut sugar.
In your country, honestly I don't really know where to find coconut sugar. Local grocery store in your area may not supply coconut sugar as much as Indonesian groceries do. But maybe you can try to go to Asian grocery and check whether they have it.

Where to find coconut sugar if it didn't found in local groceries? 

Buy it online. That's probably the best answer.

Coconut sugar is now available in Amazon or Ebay. I’ll check some coconut sugar products in those places and make a price comparison.

1. Coconut Secret Coconut Crystal, Raw
Ebay    : $20.83/12 oz
Amazon: $7.59/12 oz

2. Madhava Organic Blonde Coconut Sugar
Ebay    : $12.95/16 oz
Amazon: $24.99/package (consists of 6 packs @ 16 oz)

3. Big Three Farms Sweet Tree Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Blonde
Ebay    : $9.61/16 oz
Amazon: $$30.42/package (consists of 6 packs @ 16 oz)

While these three products can only be found in Amazon;
1. Navitas Naturals Coconut Palm Sugar ($11.14/package, 2 packs @ 16 oz)

2. As Seen on Dr. OZ! Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (@4.99/lb)

3. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Coconut Sugar (@4.99/16 oz)





Where to Find Coconut Sugar in Liquid Form?

Liquid coconut sugar (also known as coconut nectar or sometimes coconut syrup) is probably new invention in the world of coconut sugar. It’s a thick liquid, just like syrup or honey, which can be used for many purposes to replace the usage of common syrup or honey. The using of liquid coconut sugar is for example; as topping for waffles or pancakes, used in baking or pastry products, as sweetener for daily drinks like coffee, tea or milk shakes.
In Indonesia, liquid coconut sugar has not been popular yet. But I heard that some Chinese restaurants in Indonesia have already begun to use this syrup to enhance the flavor of their dishes.
Finding coconut syrup that is made from 100% coconut nectar is not as easy as finding crystallized coconut sugar. So far, I found only 4 of them which available online. If you require, you can do further research and use this information as basic platform.
So, the four products are;
  1. Sweet Tree Organic Coconut Palm Nectar
This is one of the products of Big Three Farms. You can check their fabulous company story in www.bigthreefarms.com.
Big Three Farms is the only company (so far) who have two variants for this coconut nectar; Amber and Blonde (different color, different degree of taste).
By the time I wrote this, they sell their Coconut Palm Nectar for $8.49 / 11.5 oz.
In their website, they said that Sweet Tree Coconut Nectar is 100% pure coconut flower nectar, which means no mix with sugar cane.
So, it brings all the healthy benefit of coconut nectar right on your dining table (low glycemic index and high nutrient).
Go to www.bigtreefarmsstore.com to go directly to their web store.
  1. Coconut Nectar, Raw by Coconut Secret.
I found this one in Amazon.
Coconut Secret sells this product for $97.5/packages (consists of 12 packs @ 12 oz).
However, if you don’t like to purchase that many (12 packs may be too much if you want to try this product for the first time), you can try to check the same product supplied by Leslie’s Organic (also in Amazon). They sell this product for $8.69/12 oz.

  1. Organic Coconut Sap Honey by ManilaCoco
This one is found in Ebay.
From the supplier’s name, it's clearly recognized that this product comes from Philippines. This country is also one of the largest coconut sugar suppliers due to its heaven of coconut tree.
According to ManilaCoco, this syrup is made from 100% natural coconut sap honey. It's a healthful substitute for high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar.
They also said that this coconut syrup is processed by using wood-fired slow cook pan.
Manila Coco sells this in 750 ml bottle (25.4 oz).

  1. Coconut Nectar by Essential Living Foods
I also found this product in Amazon.
From the product description, they said that this coconut nectar is a delicious alternative to ordinary sugar. It made from hand-harvested sap from coconut flowers and carefully processed by small-holder farmers.
Unfortunately, so far there's no customers reviews that has been shared in Amazon.
            The price of this product is $8.99/12 oz.

I hope the above information is useful for you to know where to find coconut sugar, especially finding them online.
Enjoy your coconut sugar and its fabulous health benefits ^-^

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