What Is Coconut Aminos?

What is coconut aminos? :: Coconut aminos can be the competitor of soy-based sauces in the world of seasoning. It's called coconut aminos, because it comes from certain part of coconut trees, which is rich with amino acids by nature.

What is Coconut Aminos Made Of?

Coconut aminos is made from coconut sap, a nutrient-rich juice that comes from making wound in coconut blossoms. Coconut sap has a low glycemic index (35) and has been used as sweeteners for years in South East Asia region. It's also rich with vitamin and minerals as well as an abundant source of amino acids.
To make coconut aminos, the coconut sap, which had been aged naturally is then blended with sun dried, mineral rich sea salt.

What is Coconut Aminos Usage?

According to Coconut Secret (manufacturers of coconut aminos from Philippines), you can use coconut aminos like soy sauce in dressings, marinades, saut├ęs or with sushi.

What is Coconut Aminos Benefit?

Although soy sauce also contains amino acids, coconut aminos contains more amino acids than soy based sauce. There are 17 amino acids (essential and non essential) which are important to enhance function of the nervous system and brain, repair muscle tissue and boost energy levels as well as immune system. That’s why amino acids are sometimes called as building blocks of protein.
Below is the list of amino acid that is naturally occurred in freshly-gathered coconut sap (in g/100 g);
1. Trytophan                : 1.27
2. Lysine                     : 0.32
3. Histidine                 : 1.19
4. Arginine                  : 0.35
5. Aspartic acid           : 11.22
6. Threonine                : 15.36
7. Serine                      : 8.24
8. Glutamic acid          : 34.20
9. Proline                     : 3.52
10. Glycine                  : 0.47
11. Alanine                  : 2.56
12. Valine                    : 2.11
13. Methionine            : trace
14. Isoleucine              : 0.38
15. Leucine                 : 0.48
16. Tyrosine                : 0.31
17. Phenylalanine        : 0.78

Some of their health benefits are;
  1. Glutamic acid, increase brain function, digestion and prostate health.
  2. Threonine, has calming effects and stress prevention.
  3. Aspartic acid, helps regulating hormones and acts as cells neurotransmitter. This one is found 11 time more than soy.
  4. Serine, enhances memory and cognition. It's found 8 times more than those in soy.
  5. Proline, promotos cardiovascular health, 2-3 times higher than soy.
  6. Valine, helps in tissue repair process
  7. Alanine, maintain glucose balance and assists in converting sugars in the body.

Special Highlight on Glutamic and Aspartic Acid


Due to the presence of glutamic acid and aspartic acid as one of the content of coconut sap, you may hear that they're related with aspartame and mono sodium glutamate. Those compounds had been previously known as toxic substance that can be harmful for human health.
In fact, amino acids provide many health benefits, especially when they're occurred in their natural state. However, when they're extracted and isolated from their natural state and then undergo various chemical process, they can be converted into toxic and harmful material.
Let's take a look at glutamic acids and aspartic acids as follow;
·         Glutamic acid is actually present in the prostate. According to some studies, natural glutamic acid can be used to prevent cancer and maintain prostate health. Glutamic acid can be converted into harmful mono sodium glutamate when its "salts" are treated with certain enzymes, yeast or bacterial catalysts under hydrolize process.
·         To make aspartic acid become aspartame (artificial sweetener), it must processed under certain catalyst process, isolated, given a solvent, filtered and distilled.
While in coconut aminos processing, coconut sap is fermented/aged naturally. Coconut sap will not experience any unnatural conversion or be placed under certain environment that could cause these two amino acids to convert to harmful compound.

Where to buy Coconut Aminos?

You can try to go directly to Coconut Secret website, or find this product in Amazon.

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